Synthaur is a small private company, established in 2008. Company was found to carry out research and commercialize scientific findings in the field of glycobiology such as influenza therapy, vectored (to DC) vaccines, influenza diagnostics, oncodiagnostics, coating of implants and medical materials with functional groups. The company has an outstanding background in supramolecular chemistry, the synthesis of self-assembling peptides and glycopeptides. Synthaur has a vast experience in the synthesis of oligosaccharides, neoglycoconjugates, glycoadsorbents and glycobeads, provides glycolipids for the modification of cells and surfaces and develops functional coatings for medical implants, including anti-bacterial coating.
Key partners:KODE Biotechnology, Glycotech Corp., Lectinity Holdings, Inc., Semiotik LLC, Plasmachem GmbH
Influenza therapeutic SL-725 research project is supported by the Skolovo Foundation, agreement МГ46/15
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